Trojan Hall of Fame

The newest members of the Trojan Athletic Hall of Fame Janyce Ealey, Telvin Brown, Tyler Sabo and John Akin were honored April 28, 2019 during an induction banquet held at the Carrollton High School Whitley Morris Field House Hall of Fame room. 


Josh Harris
Susan Gordy
Karisma Boykin
John Wynn
 David Parkman


Eric Jay Phillips
Gwen Engram
 Trey Traylor
Emma Bussard
(Represented by her parents, Ann McCleary and Gregory Bussard)


Thanithia Billings
 Naquita Rowe
Terry Jay Phillips
Randy Padgett
Ryan Lee


D.A. O'Neal
Shon Thomaston
David "Dixie" Howell
Ralph Parkman
 Ken Cater
 Kristi Phillips


O'Darien Bassett
Wren Gaston Heavener
 Jemere' McCurty
Howard Cleveland
 Rich Gilbert


David Gibbs
LaRon Harrison
Buddy Knapp
Lorraine Gamble Poole
Ricky Robison
Antoinette Duncan Tucker


Allison Lambert
Bob Knox 
Tee Reeve 
Justin Jones
Mike Higgins


Joshua Mabry
Mandi Phillips
Carnell Key, Jr.
John Thomason


Trojan Hall of Fame Kiosk 

All Inductees: 
Please see the attached form to submit biographical information for the Hall of Fame kiosk. Send this form and a photograph to Hall of Fame, c/o Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation, 106 Trojan Drive, Carrollton, GA 30117.

Digital photos are also accepted; e-mail photo to

Please consider submitting a photo from your Trojan years; however, a more recent photo will be accepted. Include with the photo information such as when the photo was taken and any unique circumstances associated with it (state championship, college years, etc.)