It wasn't quite the shot heard 'round the world, but in Hiram, Georgia this past Tuesday night, the distinct sound of another TROJAN victory was in the air. Instead of shoulder pads, helmets, bats and balls, the soft crack of air rifles launching their cargo at high speed into the target gave way to claps of thunder that can be heard whenever our Gold and Black compete.

TROJAN freshmen Morgan Frank and Thomas Harris, sophomore Taylor Berry and senior Logan Walker had earned the right to lead our TROJANS in the inaugural Three Position Precision Air Rifle season. While this year's competitions will take place entirely on the road, our TROJANS owned the Hiram range with excellent marksmanship usually displayed by far more seasoned shooters.

Morgan Frank led our TROJANS with an impressive score of 266 (out of a 300 maximum) with eight bulls-eyes. Thomas Harris tied on the overall score and added five bulls-eyes. Berry and Walker were close behind the leaders and added six and four shots each to the center target respectively.

Our marksmen will be back on the range next Thursday, November 10 when we travel to Chapel Hill to gather some Panther pelts. Shooters will be called to their marks at 6:00 p.m.