Heading to Acworth on Thursday night, Coach Mike Lewis conceded that upending the Warriors would be a difficult task.  North Cobb has been a perennial power in riflery and as Coach Lewis described, "A well run, well seasoned program."  Lewis' parting words were "But we can take 'em!"

With an unbeaten record in its inaugural season, the TROJAN marksmen were up for the challenge. Certainly, the long lay off - Carrollton has not competed since December 8 - would not favor the Gold and Black, but with rifles at the ready, our squad took dead aim.

Shooting from the prone position opened the match.  Our TROJANS fell slightly behind as North Cobb's shooters netted 392 points from a possible 400.  Carrollton, led by Logan Walker's 97 and six bulls-eyes, posted a 384.  After one position, North Cobb held an eight point lead.

Moving to the most difficult standing position, scores eased down a bit as North Cobb scored 353 to the TROJANS 344.  Morgan Frank led the TROJANS with a 91 and three bulls-eyes.  Moving to the third position, our TROJANS found themselves with some work to do and in a 17 point hole.

The Kneeling position would last and would determine the outcome.  The Warriors were stellar when it counted and posted a 380 score in the last discipline.  Morgan Frank earned the high mark with a 97 and six bulls-eyes to pace the TROJAN comeback.  Logan Walker tied the top North Cobb scorer with a 96 and five bulls-eyes.  

When the guns were silenced, our TROJANS had closed the gap, but it was not quite enough.  The final score was North Cobb 1121 to Carrollton's 1105.  The 1105 matches the TROJAN high season score.

While this loss stings, our TROJANS are ready to push forward.  The invasion of Douglas County is scheduled for Thursday, January 19.