Barge sets new Lady Trojan benchmark

Ansley Barge catches ball during lacrosse game
Photo: Glenn Holmes

Nick Simon/Times-Georgian

Excelling in several arenas throughout her four-year prep career at Carrollton High School, Ansley Barge now has a new career milestone to cross off her to-do list.

The senior standout became the all-time scoring leader in CHS girls' lacrosse history last Thursday night, firing off her record-setting 152nd goal in the Lady Trojans' 14-6 home victory over Darlington.

Finding out that she had climbed to the top spot of the young program's scoring ranks came as a shock to the midfielder, who was unaware of being anywhere near No. 152.

"(Head coach Ashley DeWitt) told me the number that I was second in scoring and assists before the season, but he never told me how close I was," Barge said on Monday. "I didn't even know that I was close to getting the record, so it was a surprise. When they told me, I was excited."

The new scoring champ surpasses the previous mark set by former Carrollton star and current Young Harris College sophomore Leigh Anne Turner, whom Barge got the opportunity to play alongside for two seasons.

"(Turner) is amazing at lacrosse and I'm nowhere near her skill level, so it makes me feel good knowing that I was able to accomplish something like that," Barge said.

Bearing witness to every goal that Barge scored throughout her career, Carrollton head coach Ashley DeWitt described the senior's growth within the sport as a testament to her natural athletic ability.

"She plays softball, basketball and lacrosse and she's really a natural at all of them," DeWitt said. "She takes what she's learned in softball by throwing and catching, combined it with her basketball skills in driving the lane and brought it here where she's not scared to get in there and score. For her to do this while missing about six or seven games a year due to the basketball season really shows what type of athlete she is. She's a great student and obviously comes from a great family."

And like how the skills of softball and basketball have helped her out on the lacrosse field, the skills that Barge, a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga signee in softball, has acquired with a stick in her hand has done the same for the other two.

"It's helped me in my other sports with my hand-eye coordination and speed, so I'm really glad that I decided to pick up lacrosse," Barge said.

The Lady Trojan head coach also made note of the senior's ability to get others involved, a trait that she has mastered as she's taken more of a leadership position on the field.

"We have a lot more girls scoring this year and she's gotten a lot more assists, so that shows that she's a team player," DeWitt said. "Having somebody like her that drives the lane, more and more teams will start doubling her, leaving girls open on the sides. So instead of trying to score like she did last year or the year before, she's comfortable enough passing it off knowing that the other girls will catch and have a chance to put the ball in the net."

While accomplishing the scoring milestone was nice, Barge is more focused on finishing the season strong and helping get her team into the postseason.

Entering this week, the Lady Trojans sit sixth in the area standings, needing a win at Pace Academy this Friday and a little bit of help to get into the playoffs.

Kick-starting the final four games of the regular season with a battle at Newnan on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., Barge and her teammates are locking in to make one final push over the next two weeks.

"We're starting to be a lot more strict on a lot of things like ground balls because we know that if we don't finish strong in these next four games, then we probably don't have a shot at the playoffs," Barge said. "That's one of our goals is to make it to playoffs and then go from there."