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Trojans reflect on season after elite eight loss

By Special from the Times-Georgian 03/07/2022, 12:30pm EST

Special from the Times-Georgian

Carrollton’s boys basketball team went the furthest of any other team in the area. The Trojans rode a win streak through the month of February that gave them a region title, a number one seed in the state tournament, and a chance to get to the final four. They fell to Buford in their final game, but their season was nonetheless remarkable.


The Trojans packed the house early Wednesday night for an elite eight matchup with Buford. Unfortunately for Carrollton, the bad news also started before the game. Terrell Carmichael could not play.


Head coach Don Bray confirmed that Carmichael had come down with the flu.


“He had been feeling bad all week long and was sent home about an hour before the game because of running a fever,” he said. “My reaction was ok, next man up! Yes, he is a big part of what we do but someone has to step up. This is a situation that is out of our control and just has to roll with the punches.”


It was a new-look starting five for the Trojans, with Day’vionne Bigsby, Maleke Terry, Keshaun Pace, O’Brien Watkins, and Cameron Merritt. Merritt had been a solid player off the bench this season, especially on defense, but the Trojans missed Carmichael’s production at the basket.


“Terrell is an exceptional athlete. He definitely could have increased our opportunity to win the game,” Bray said.


Only Bigsby and Pace finished with double-figure scoring nights. Bigsby had 23, and Pace had 12. The rest of the Trojans combined for a total of 19, led by Kameron McClure’s five-point second half performance off the bench.


Buford, on the other hand, had three starters make it into double figures, led by Alahn Sumler and London Williams who both had 16, and Jaylon Taylor who had 11. The other two starters nearly got to the double digit mark as well, with 9-point and 8-point games of their own. This balanced performance from their starting five gave the Wolves a 62-54 win over the Trojans.


It was the end of Carrollton’s 8-game win streak that lasted through the month of February.


When asked what sparked the streak to begin with, Bray said, “For one, we got healthy. Two, we developed chemistry and started trusting each other.”


Bray also talked about how they were able to take on tough teams with size advantages during the season.


“Well, it was simple, a combination of playing in the Fall League, as well as the scheduling and Christmas tournament we were invited to helped to prepare us for all the bigger teams.”


When asked about his seniors at the conclusion of the season, coach Bray started, “Myles Dortch is one of the most important people in the program, he was our manager and is one of the best kids in the entire school. I will miss this kid tremendously. He is everything you could ask for in a kid.”


“This group of seniors did just what they were supposed to do, and that’s lead,” Bray said. “Maleke Terry is a kid that people were saying he had no business on anyone’s varsity roster. That kid worked his butt off and became a starter and a great defender as well as leader.”


“DayVionne Bigsby worked his butt off after not being able to play the first semester and became a great leader on the floor and in the weight room,” the coach said. “Terrell Carmichael is just a born leader who the kids look up to. He was the glue to the team and he did a great job keeping all the kids together when things didn’t go well.”


The Trojans ended the season with a region championship title, two state playoff wins, and an overall record of 19-12.

Varsity Boys Basketball Coaching Staff

Don Bray

Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach